Summer 2020 Virtual Conference: Getting enhanced benefits into the hands of members rapidly during a pandemic

This video is part of our Summer 2020 Virtual Conference- Medicaid as the Most Important Part of the COVID 19 response. To learn more about our virtual conferences, including opportunities for patrons, please use the form below.

Session information

Attendees will discover how WEX Health is offering to rapidly assist state Medicaid, public health and other HHS agencies, and state employers in providing immediate direct benefit assistance to Medicaid members using existing member benefit card solutions.

Attendees will learn how WEX Health’s SpeedLift solution, a highly elastic, quick-implementation, supported by a steady stream of communications helped a state agency relieve its citizens of a financial burden associated with its CHIP program within weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak. After attending this session, attendees will know about WEX Health and the innovative approaches we have taken to ease the burden many are feeling at this time as it relates to the health and finances of their business and its employees.

Speaker information

 John Sweeney 

 Jeff Bakke 

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