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Episode 59 of Clay’s Medicaid News Roundtable

Kat McDavitt and joined Clay and Steven to cover the Medicaid News in the last 45 days. Run time 1hr 16 mins.

Stories covered:

Uber Caregiver
Accenture buys Cognosante
Oklahoma managed care rollout challenges
$1.5B in questionable payments through NY MCOs
Centene says states did redeterminations wrong
Centene to spend $1B on housing
MN kicks out for profit MCOs
TX community plans kicked out
NV Medicaid digital efforts
MI telehealth pricing parity
GSA FedRamp advisory panel
Medicaid and weight loss drugs
340B in the courts
NH staffing rule (and Clay learns something)
DE, TN and babies’ butts
Newsom won’t deal with the $40B deficit he created
And much more!