Menges Group 5 Slide Series Special Edition: This Week’s COVID Tabulations–Testing, Case, Hospitalization, and Death Dynamics

The Menges Group puts out these great analyses and insights each month. And is kind enough to let us repost them for the MM audience. Check out to learn more about the work they do. 

The attached 5 slide series contains our tabulations of this week’s COVID progression. By all key measures, this has been a troubling week in terms of the pandemic worsening. New deaths were 22% higher in the week of July 8-15 versus those occurring from July 1-8. The number of persons hospitalized as of July 15 was 22% above the July 8 figure. New cases increased 20% this week relative to the prior week’s volume. Testing volume increased by 15%. The rate of tests with a positive result has increased further this past week (to 8.5%). The progression of these nationwide statistics across the past several weeks is shown below.

Weekly COVID Data Findings July 17