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Questions about our Amazing Free Content

How do I nominate someone for a Medicaid Industry Who's Who article?

Know someone who is interesting and doing great work in the space?

Send us a note using the contact form below. Please be sure to tell us why you think they are great. Also make sure to include the name, contact information and link to the LinkedIn profile of the person you are nomination.

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How do I sign up for your free webinar series?

We deliver all our amazing webinar content in an ongoing conference. It meets each month and you can hop in and out as you choose. You can register using the widget below, or check out more info on the landing page here.

Signed up but didn't get confirmation? Send us a note using this form:

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How do I sign up for the newsletter?

The very best way to stay connected to all our content is to sign up for the newsletter. You can do that by filling out this form:


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How do I send you my resume for adding to your Job Services database?

We help a lot of people find the next role in the Medicaid space. The main way we do that is by maintaining a collection of resumes so we know who to recommend when someone in our audience asks for candidates.

Send us a note using the form below.

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Questions About Our Training Products

How do I purchase a course?

Visit our online course catalog here. You can use our easy, secure checkout process to pay for courses you select using Paypal or a credit card.

How do I get my certificate?

When you complete the final lesson quiz, you will be given access to your certificate using a link to a PDF version you can print or email. You can use this email as proof for documenting your CEU efforts.

How does your courseware work?

The easiest way to check out how our training courses work are these explainer videos:

(The 30 second version)

(The 8 minute version)

Each lesson is designed to provide both high level and detailed information for you to learn. Lessons are organized using the structure shown below. Work through each component in order to get the most out of each lesson.

How do I get started with my course?

Once you have completed your order, your courses will show up in your “My Courses” area. Click on the My Account and then the My Courses link as shown in the screenshot below.

Do you have your own certification program?

We are working on our own certification program. At this time learners use our CEU/CPE to satisfy some of the requirements for a wide range of other certification programs.

How can I verify if this CEU/CPE will work with my external certification requirements?

Most CEU/CPE programs allow for a certain amount of required units to be completed with webinars or online courses provided by other vendors. If you are not sure whether yours does, please send us a note using the form below.

When you complete the final lesson quiz, you will be given access to your certificate using a link to a PDF version you can print or email. You can use this email as proof for documenting your CEU efforts.

Need help verifying our CEU/CPE will work with your progam?

Send us a note:

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How do I make the most of my training experience?
  1. Pace yourself- You can work through the lesson material at your own pace. Many learners tell us that they work on lessons as a break during their work, taking it in 15-minute chunks.
  2. If you have technical issues, more than 90% of them are solved by updating or changing your web browser, by logging in and out of your training account or by restarting your machine.
  3. Consider using headphones for the best sound experience- all computers and speakers are different, and so are the places in which learners take the course. If you are in an open office environment, you may find it easier to hear the audio portions using headphones.
What if I find information I think is incorrect?

From time to time we identify errors in lesson content. While we revise lessons as part of our updating process, we also include an Errata (errors) section for lessons to show the learner any corrections to information in the lessons before our full updating process occurs.

If you found info in a course you think is incorrect, please send us a note using this form

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Do you offer clinical training?

Our training courses often cover clinical topics as part of the overall context and content for the course. Information provided in our courses is never meant to be used in medical decision-making. For any questions related to patient-care and clinical practice, please refer to your physician (or Medical Director), as appropriate.

Questions About Our Market Intelligence Products

Questions About the Medicaid Black Book

What is The Medicaid Black Book?

The Medicaid Black Book is the premier market intelligence product for health plan and investment professionals in the Medicaid and Health and Human Services space.

How can the Medicaid Black Book help me?

If I am an investor, how can the Medicaid Black Book help me?

Most of our investor subscribers tell us The Medicaid Black Book helps them with these 3 things:

  1. Additional (or initial) vetting of targets they are considering - our reviews are conducted by HHS industry experts who bring a level of knowledge about the vertical that often will evaluate a target differently than the more general reviews
  2. The big picture of key dynamics in the Medicaid / HHS vertical - most investors don't have the time to focus on building subject matter expertise in the HHS vertical. They are usually busy assisting portfolio companies or working current deals. Our analyses of key market trends provide a robust way to stay on top of issues in the space quickly.
  3. Learning from other investors in the space- The exclusive interviews with investment leaders offer tips and advice to subscribers who are interested in the Medicaid space.
If I am a Medicaid health plan executive, how can the Medicaid Black Book help me?

Our Medicaid managed care plan subscribers tell us they use the Medicaid Black Book in 2 main ways:

  1. To vet vendors who are asking for their time- Medicaid health plan staff are constantly asked to take vendor sales calls and meetings. The time-drain on a health plan for these requests is substantial. Our health plan clients use the Medicaid Black Book to prioritize which meetings are worth the investment of staff hours to consider a new partner.
  2. To stay on top of key issues in the Medicaid space- Most health plan leaders have their plate full dealing with day to operational issues of running a health plan. The strategic content included in The Medicaid Black Book allows health plan leaders to stay on top of key issues facing Medicaid plans nationwide.
If I am a solution provider in the Medicaid space, how can the Medicaid Black Book help me?

Most of our solution provider clients (technology firms, specialized consulting firms or specialized provider groups) tell us they get value from the Medicaid Black Book in 2 main ways:

  1. Competitive intelligence- Our extensive vendor evaluations provide critical market intelligence about your competitors, all framed in a way that is consistent with how your prospects (Medicaid health plans and HHS agencies) view vendors.
  2. Learning to think like a Medicaid managed care executive- One of the hardest things solution providers face is the learning curve related to what matters to a Medicaid managed care plan decision maker. Its very different from the way a commercial or Medicare Advantage plan decision maker thinks. Our exclusive interviews with Managed care executives always offer tips to vendors on how to engage effectively with decision makers.

What do subscribers say about the Medicaid Black Book?

Here is some recent feedback from our subscribers:

“The Medicaid Black Book helps us to identify innovations and market changes in a timely manner, allowing us to “course correct” as needed.”

John, CEO of a Medicaid Managed Care plan

“We love Medicaid Blackbook because it provides a credible, unbiased, and fact-based assessment of our work on which potential clients can rely when deciding whether to take a meeting with us or consider using one of our solutions.”

 Chris- CEO and Founder of a case management solution firm

 “We use Medicaid Blackbook to validate some our hypotheses about MCO priorities so that we can more rapidly respond to their changing needs than we would otherwise be able. They spot trends faster and more accurately than other sources.”

 Jason- CEO of an HHS solution provider organization

"We love the concept of Medicaid Blackbook because it offers an eagle eye view of various vendors in the industry with ratings as to their performance. It helps with evaluation of helpful tools and is a one stop shop.

 The Mostly Medicaid  team has spent years developing and analyzing various players in the industry and their  comparisons, opinions and insights haven’t gone unnoticed and are well executed."

 Amanda, CEO large provider network management firm


What types of content are included in the Medicaid Black Book?

Check out the live version of Black Book 

Which companies are included in the reviews database?

Check out the Vendor Evaluations DB to see all the current companies. Check out the live version of Black Book 

How do I subscribe?

How do I subscribe using a credit card?

Add the Medicaid Black Book to your cart and complete checking using our secure checkout process. You will be immediately granted access upon purchase.

What if I need to pay by invoice?

If you need to pay by invoice, please use the form below or give us a call directly @334-220-7834

What if multiple people in my organization want access?

Each subscription includes up to 5 licenses within your organization. Once you subscribe, our team will reach out to set up the initial licenses for your team. Additional seats are available for a fee.

Questions About The Medicaid Greenbook

The Medicaid Green Book is our premier sales support market intelligence product. It includes a robust data set of procurement documents, competitor profiles, contracts and proposals for all 50 states.

Request More Information About the Medicaid Greenbook

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Questions About Medicaid Contax

Medicaid Contax is our premier solution for finding who to talk to about what in the Medicaid industry. Sales professionals use Medicaid Contax to identify key decision makers inside managed care plans and HHS agencies.

Request More Information About Medicaid Contax

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Questions About Our Strategy and Policy Consulting Services

What we do for our Consulting Clients

We offer strategy and policy consulting services designed to help clients address a key business challenge, achieve an objective or launch a new program. We offer these services to both public and private sector clients.

Why do our clients choose us as their consulting partner?

Q: Why do our clients choose our consulting services?

A: Because No One Knows Medicaid Like We Do.

When you become a Mostly Medicaid consulting client, you tap into the deepest and broadest experience pool in the industry. Our consultants have led government agencies and private firms in the space. They have launched new programs and overhauled existing ones. And they are committed to bringing their experience, skills, insights and connections to our consulting relationship with you.

What Type of Clients Engage You for Help (and Why)?
What can you tell me about your consultants?

Our consultants are selected based on their experience and their commitment to client satisfaction. Our typical consultant profile looks like this:

  • 20 years or more experience in their area of expertise within the Medicaid industry
  • A known leader in their area of expertise (including publications and a track record of speaking engagements)
  • A history of successful project delivery and leadership

What can you tell me about your Consulting Approach?

We combine our unique Medicaid expertise with a rigorous project management approach:

  1. All engagements are driven by Key Objectives. This allows us to have clear goals and endpoints.
  2. All project results are captured in deliverables customized for each client.
  3. All project efforts are managed in our workflow management system, which makes things like status and client collaboration simple.

Questions About Our Sales Support Services
Questions About Our Marketing Services