State & Medicaid Data Specialist

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Position Description:

Mathematica applies expertise at the intersection of data, methods, policy, and practice to improve well-being around the world. We collaborate closely with public- and private-sector partners to translate big questions into deep insights that improve programs, refine strategies, and enhance understanding using data science and analytics. Our work yields actionable information to guide decisions in wide-ranging policy areas, from health, education, early childhood, and family support to nutrition, employment, disability, and international development. Mathematica offers our employees competitive salaries, and a comprehensive benefits package, as well as the advantages of being 100 percent employee owned. As an employee stock owner, you will experience financial benefits of ESOP holdings that have increased in tandem with the company’s growth and financial strength. You will also be part of an independent, employee-owned firm that is able to define and further our mission, enhance our quality and accountability, and steadily grow our financial strength. Read more about our benefits here:

Mathematica is searching for a dedicated professional with experience successfully improving state health and Medicaid programs through the analysis of data. Experience with analyzing traditional Medicaid data (e.g., claims, encounters, beneficiary, and provider) is required. Experience or interest in analyzing additional data sources that are correlated with health outcomes, such as social determinants data, is appreciated but not required. In particular, we are looking for an individual who understands and can structure these data to answer policy-related questions and can understand data models and systems architecture that help to facilitate data analysis. We expect that this individual can apply analytic thinking to support current and emerging work across any number of areas related to state health such as: all-payer claims databases, health outcomes measurement, program or policy evaluations, data analysis, advisory services, and alternate payment models.

Duties of the Position:


  • Leverage data and analytics to provide insights on how to answer pressing policy questions, such as the quality of health care delivered, the distribution of care across geographic locations, and the impact of care delivery models on cost.
  • Analyze clinical quality metrics to recommend improvement opportunities
  • Evaluate health care cost and quality measures to identify provider-focused improvement opportunities
  • Incorporate best practices and emerging clinical approaches such as predictive risk stratification, member engagement, or complex care management to strategically inform Medicaid or general health policy
  • Query, collect, and prepare data to produce key deliverables
  • Provide analytics expertise to review and summarize complex reports requested by legislators or Medicaid or health care leadership
  • Monitor and assure the organization meets contractual and CMS federal requirements
  • Provide analytical support to produce analytic files or analytic outputs for measuring the value of health care
  • Contribute to the growth, expertise, and institutional knowledge of other state health and Medicaid staff.

Functional Skills (Required):


  • At least intermediate level of skills in statistics and analytics (including programming in SQL for data retrieval and manipulation or R for statistical modeling)
  • Excellent understanding of health care data structures and definitions
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including an ability to explain observations and findings to diverse stakeholder audiences including program administrators and policymakers
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate the work of multidisciplinary teams
  • Strong organizational skills and high level of attention to detail; flexibility to lead and manage multiple priorities, sometimes simultaneously, under deadlines
  • Ability to work well in teams



Position Requirements:

Qualifications (Required):

  • At least 3 years full time professional work performing health care data analyses and/or directing analytic product development (e.g. reports, dashboards, etc.), with a substantial portion of that time related to state-level Medicaid data
  • At least a bachelors degree in a related field
  • Broad understanding of health care and health policy issues in the United States
  • Experience in healthcare field and/or with health care quality measurement

Qualifications (Preferred):


  • Experience in Tableau
  • Experience with Business Intelligence solutions, such as Power BI.

Candidates with post-graduate, relevant professional experience in priority policy areas within state Medicaid or other aspects of state health, are encouraged to apply. Please attach your cover letter and resume, as well as a writing sample that demonstrates policy analysis or program operation and monitoring skills, and reflects independent analysis and writing (such as a white paper or decision memo).

Various state and federal agencies with whom we contract require that staff successfully undergo a background investigation or security clearance before working on certain projects. If you are assigned to such a project, you will be required to obtain the requisite security clearance.

This position offers an anticipated base salary of $65,000-95,000 annually. This position may be eligible for an annual bonus based on company and individual performance. Available locations: Princeton, NJ; Washington, DC; Cambridge, MA; Oakland, CA; Ann Arbor, MI; Chicago, IL; Woodlawn, MD; Seattle, WA; Remote