Program Analyst | Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services


As a Program Analyst, you will oversee the assignment of work to various contractors providing the Agency with information technology (IT) support, ensuring that the work is properly performed.




  • Administers all phases of major contracts for IT software development and maintenance, operational support, and/or other resources and services.
  • Recognizes potential areas of concern and develops alternative measures to support group and other Agency contract needs.
  • Provides technical expertise in assigned areas by gathering, organizing, and interpreting data and information.
  • Prepares position papers and executive submittals to discuss the far-reaching proposals to revise program requirements or modify existing organizational arrangements.
  • Provides input to the CMS IT user community and ensures that group activities are completed with the cooperation and coordination of all appropriate parties.





In order to qualify for the GS-13:


You must demonstrate in your resume at least one year (52 weeks) of qualifying specialized experience, to include:

1) Managing acquisition-related projects through all phases of the contract lifecycle (i.e. new procurement solicitation and selection activities and providing day-to-day contract administration support);

2) Overseeing IT contracts that provide a wide range of IT services with varying degrees of technical complexity; and

3) Developing budget plan(s) for IT related contracts in order to conduct program analysis(e.g. forecasting risks, problems, trends and other variable that impact projected costs).



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