Medicaid Buy-In: Episode#7- Interview with Laura Colbert

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Laura ColbertLaura is the Executive Director at Georgians for a Healthy Future, where she advocates for health policies that expand coverage and access for Georgians. Before her current role, Laura worked at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and the CDC. She holds an MPH from Emory University.  

Highlights from this episode

  • GA Healthy Access effort.  
  • Exiting federal marketplace 
  • GA is introducing 2 new plan types: copper and disease management plans
  • State is asking for waiver of 2 requirements in ACA: 1- Not wanting to have plans have to cover all 10 essential health benefits and 2- waiving maximum out of pocket costs for consumers
  • How the new model proposed in GA might impact cost and network in rural areas
  • Possible adverse selection in some of the more comprehensive disease management plans
  • Unpacking the ACA 4 Guardrails for waiver requests
  • Impact of reinterpreting Guardrails to give states more flexibility
  • GA partial medicaid expansion effort
  • Work requirements, copays/premiums
  • Proposal to extend pregnancy medicaid from 60 days post birth to 6 months post birth

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