Medicaid Buy-In: Episode#6- Interview with Barbara Otto

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Barbara OttoBarb is the CEO of Smart Policy Works, a Chicago-based firm that is is a driving force behind building smarter systems of health and social determinants of health for vulnerable people and places across the nation, state of Illinois, and metropolitan Chicago. Before her time at SPW, she worked at the 9to5 National Association of Working Women and at Ernst and Young. 

Highlights from this episode

  • Previous buy in efforts for IDD populations
  • Medicaid buy in as a path to expand coverage
  • The additional flexibilities and authorities in Medicaid as compared to Medicare. 
  • Unpacking 1332 waivers, including uses beyond just reinsurance
  • How to make Buy In programs successful
  • Importance of well thought out financing model for buy in program stability
  • Why states cant go it alone (ie cant do it without federal matching dollars, and need health system stakeholder participation)
  • The role of actuaries in Medicaid buy in programs
  • Predicting uptake of Medicaid buy ins nationwide

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