Menges Group 5 Slide Series Edition: Weekly Edition of Our COVID 5 Slide Series

Attached is this week’s edition of the 5 Slide Series.  These slides present the weekly progression of COVID deaths in the USA across the 23 weeks since the first death was reported.  The week ending August 1 was our seventh-worst week in terms of COVID deaths, and the fourth consecutive week where more deaths occurred than the previous week.  

We also tabulated state-by-state deaths in each of the past five months.  The states are fairly evenly divided in terms of what their “highest death” month has been between three months:  April, May, and July.  No state experience their highest level of COVID deaths in either March or June. 
Alex Cohn produced this edition.  Tomorrow will be Alex’s last day at our company as he is shifting gears to become a middle school biology teacher!  (A stressful consulting gig wasn’t challenging enough.)  We cannot adequately express our gratitude for what Alex has brought our company throughout his 4+ years here — in terms of contributions to our work and to our culture.  


Weekly and Monthly Progression of Deaths Attributed to COVID-19 8.6.20