Medicaid Buy-In: Episode#4- Interview with Bryan Cutler

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Bryan CutlerBryan is the majority leader in the PA State House, where he has served for 14 years. Before his time in the legislature, he worked in hospital administration and as a radiology technician. He also is an attorney who currently practices law at Nikolaus and Hohenadel.

Highlights from this episode

  • Background of effort in PA
  • Dealing with impact of decreasing federal funds under ACA
  • Importance of wide support from provider, plan and regulators in getting the 1332 waiver for reinsurance
  • Overview of the public option in PA
  • Legislative groundwork needed to prepare for the public option
  • Timeline for PA exchange rollout
  • Key steps for states to exit federal marketplace successfully
  • Impact of the reinsurance waiver; transparent reporting to consumer comparing costs with and without the 1332 waiver
  • Using a public option model as way to reform Medicaid, including incorporation of social determinants
  • Provider response to the proposed model has been overwelmingly positive
  • Previous provider quality initiatives laid groundwork for smoother transition today
  • Increasing impact of Medicaid spending on other state budget priorities like education and roads
  • Predicting national uptake of public option models

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