TECH (LA)- Medicaid ID cards are available on LA Wallet

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[MM Curator Summary]: Medicaid is now an app in LA. Cool.



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Medicaid cards will be available in the LA Wallet app. The LA Wallet app is available in Apple and GooglePlay stores. Fee-for-Service members and members enrolled with United Healthcare can already use the service. Other managed care organization cards will become available over the next few months.

The planned dates that other cards will become available are:

  • Louisiana Healthcare Connections and Healthy Blue Louisiana – July 31
  • AmeriHealth Caritas and Humana Healthy Horizons – August 31
  • Aetna Better Health – September 29

Members listed as head of household can access the health cards of family members in their household. A member will not be able to access a card for a person who is not in their household or if they are no longer eligible for Medicaid.