PHE (TX)- Texas extends Medicaid redetermination deadlines

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Texas is granting some Medicaid beneficiaries an extra month to complete renewal paperwork. 

In an Oct. 10 news release, the Texas Health and Human Services Commision said additional time is being granted to those most likely to still be eligible for the program, including older adults and adults with disabilities. 

The agency has initiated redeterminations for 3.5 million people, or 59 percent of the state’s Medicaid population, according to the news release. The department is now focused on a targeted outreach campaign for Medicaid recipients with disabilities, school-aged children and the aging population. 

As of Oct. 2, 73 percent of those disenrolled from Medicaid in Texas had their coverage terminated for procedural reasons, rather than being determined ineligible for the program, according to KFF. 

Other states have extended deadlines for beneficiaries to return required paperwork, a flexibility HHS granted states during the redeterminations process. In Michigan, a 30-day extension resulted in 15,000 additional renewals. 

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