PHE- How Aetna is using CVS stores to warn members about Medicaid redeterminations

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[MM Curator Summary]: CVS is playing reminders-to-do-your-Medicaid-paperwork messages in the stores. Not kidding.


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Aetna is leveraging its parent company’s retail stores to let Medicaid members know they may need to renew their coverage. 

Kelly Munson, president of Aetna Medicaid, a CVS Health company, told Becker’s CVS retail stores have a chance to reach all Medicaid members when they walk into a store, regardless of if they are members of Aetna or another managed care plan. 

“Regardless of payer, CVS can be supportive of all the Medicaid members that are walking in the door,” Ms. Munson said. “We have messaging in the stores that plays over the sound system, videos that remind members they need to be looking for redeterminations, and we have QR codes they can scan so they can know and understand what their next move is.” 

Up to 18 million people nationwide could lose their Medicaid coverage beginning April 1, according to estimates from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Some Medicaid members will lose coverage because they make too much income to qualify for the program, while others may be dropped for administrative reasons. 

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