New Hampshire seeking Medicaid contract bids

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[MM Curator Summary]: The Granite State fires up the MCO RFP machine, with contracts going live in September 2024.



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New Hampshire is looking for payers to administer its Medicaid managed care program starting next year.

The state said in early September it expects to select three insurers to administer benefits starting Sept. 1, 2024 through Aug. 31, 2029.

Those selected will administer Medicaid benefits to up to 190,000 enrollees under the age of 65, including acute care, behavioral health and pharmacy services.

“Respondents are expected to identify ways in which they will meet or exceed MCM Program

requirements and goals by offering innovative strategies for building on authentic patient/provider relationships with an emphasis on primary care prevention and provider-delivered care coordination to effectively reduce future illness burden and improve population health in every county of the state,” the state wrote.

The state expects discussions with selected bidders to begin in late November, with final approval expected in January.


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