Nevada Medicaid enrolls record 810,000 residents

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Nevada has a new record for Medicaid enrollment, and its nearly 15% higher than the previous record


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Medicaid and Check Up are now serving a record number of people, surpassing 800,000. The previous record was set in 2018 at over 690,000.

Nevada Medicaid, the state- and federally funded health insurance program, has hit record enrollment, with one out of every four Nevadans currently being served by the program.

Medicaid and Check Up are now serving more than 810,000 Nevadans, and the increase is attributed to the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn.

“Medicaid services are always available, and people continue to reach out to us in their time of need,” Nevada Medicaid Administrator Suzanne Bierman said. “The fact is, when more people need assistance, Nevada Medicaid enrollment goes up.”

The previous record enrollment was 690,596 set in August 2018. Enrollment is expected to continue to climb with a new open enrollment period from Feb. 15-May 15 through Nevada Health Link, which opened up in response to an executive order from President Joe Biden.

Nevada Medicaid offers assistance for people who have lost their job or become too sick to work; supports minimum wage workers, low-income families, children, seniors and people with disabilities; offers financial protection for working families so that they do not face bankruptcy when struck by unexpected illness or suddenly need to go to the hospital; and makes health care possible in many rural communities.

To get started, apply at

Those whose incomes are slightly too high to qualify for Medicaid are encouraged to apply through Nevada Health Link, where residents may be eligible to receive financial assistance through subsidies or tax credits to help pay for monthly premiums. For more information, visit or call 1-800-547-2927.




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