Medicaid Job Hunter: 12/02/2019

We scour the internets for Medicaid jobs listings to save you time.


In this packet…

  1. Anthem Nurse Case Manager I Medicaid (OB experience) – PS Job in Long Beach, CA
  2. CSVCG Director of Ambulatory Services | America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
  3. Medicaid West Virginia Care Management Associate – Western in Charleston, West Virginia
  4. Supervisory Health Insurance Specialist | Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  5. Health Plan Prior Authorization Coordinator – Government Programs
  6. Medical Director Medicaid LOB | Houston, TX 
  7. Coordination of Benefits Specialist | Tampa, FL 
  8. Chief Operating Officer – North Carolina | Raleigh, NC 
  9. Marketing Outreach Specialist – Medicaid | Tampa, FL 
  10. Operations Support Specialist | Tampa, FL