MCOS- Medicaid and CHIP Financial Statistical Report Agreed Upon Procedures Results

MM Curator summary

[MM Curator Summary]: Pretty sure this is data at the plan level (in TX) about MLR return payments.. But would love for someone to help me understand for sure. Excel file linked in story.




Per Federal requirement, (42 CFR §438.602(e) and (g); May 6, 2016, Federal Register (81 FR 27497); OMB No. 0938-0920), HHSC is posting the result of each agreed upon procedures review of all Managed Care Organizations’ and Dental Maintenance Organizations’ Financial Statistical Reports by year.

The files below are in Excel format. All totals stated are based on current figures and subject to change.

State Fiscal Year 2018: SFY18 FSR AUP Result Summary (Excel)


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