MCOs- CareSource partnering with Walmart on new benefits for CareSource Medicaid members

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[MM Curator Summary]: CareSource will join UHC on Walmart’s dance card.



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Dayton-based insurer CareSource on Tuesday announced a three-year partnership with Walmart to provide certain members of CareSource’s Medicaid plan access to health benefits and food through Walmart as part of an effort to address racial health inequities.

The partnership will begin in Ohio sometime within July or August of this year, with a focus on cardiometabolic conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or hypertension. Walmart will have community health workers complete state-approved health risk and social needs assessments. Those health workers will then connect select CareSource Medicaid members to community resources, life skills support, and health literacy education.

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“Our goal is to utilize our combined assets to create healthier individuals and communities,” said Warren Moore, Walmart’s vice president of social determinants of health. “We’re trying to close the gaps in care and promote positive health behavior change through holistic, culturally sustaining, and high-quality health and wellness solutions. CareSource is the ideal partner to help bring this vision to life.”

Eligible CareSource members will receive monthly funds to spend on food, a Walmart-plus membership for no cost delivery, and access to tele-nutrition services to aid in improving their health outcomes. CareSource members also will be able to take part in CareSource Life Services, which includes CareSource JobConnect, to provide a path to financial tools and improve both economic mobility and health outcomes.

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“This partnership will address the major needs our members face, which are difficulty with transportation, access to healthy food, access to care and assistance with care coordination,” said Dr. David Williams, CareSource’s executive vice president and chief medical officer. “We know providing additional support, such as an in-store community health worker, will create another access point to ensure our members have the resources they need, within a location they frequent. As a result of this relationship, we expect an immediate, positive impact in the lives of our members.”

CareSource and Walmart will also work together on a maternal and child health program to improve health outcomes for mothers and children in Georgia, providing similar access to community health workers and monthly stipends for food and health services.


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