LA- Text messages for Medicaid members

MM Curator summary

[MM Curator Summary]: LA Medicaid is trying to prepare for the PHE end using text messages to members.


The article below has been highlighted and summarized by our research team. It is provided here for member convenience as part of our Curator service.


On Wednesday, May 25, the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services sent a text alert on behalf of the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH). The text was an “LADCFS Alert” asking Medicaid members to update their contact information by calling the number on their health plan card or visiting this link.

This text is not a scam or a fraudulent text. LDH is conducting outreach to members in several ways to make sure their contact information is up to date. You only need to update your information if Medicaid does not have your most recent contact information. If you need to update your contact information, please use one of the following methods:


  • Aetna Better Health: 1-855-242-0802
  • AmeriHealth Caritas: 1-888-756-0004
  • Healthy Blue: 1-844-521-6941
  • Louisiana Healthcare Connections: 1-866-595-8133
  • UnitedHealthcare: 1-866-675-1607
  • Or call Medicaid Customer service at 1-888-342-6207, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


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