Episode#6: Interview with Ed Cantwell

Guest bio

Ed is the President and CEO at the Center for Medical Interoperability. He has served in that role for the past seven years. Before that, he has been in executive leadership in multiple technology companies, particularly in the wireless and telecom industry. He also spent 11 years in the United States Air Force.

Highlights from this episode

  1. The critical goals of building a trust platform and data standardization; HIPAA as barrier to trusted health system
  2. 21st century cures act use of open API / forcing more exchange
  3. Differences between federal policy approach and industry association approach to trusted exchange and data standards
  4. Overlap of CMS/ONC efforts
  5. How meaningful use morphs into interoperability
  6. Issues with proprietary data and interoperability; information blocking as a concept
  7. How pressures on providers from various regulatory bodies makes it hard for providers to embrace yet another paradigm change
  8. The idea of surveillance capitalism