AK- Average wait time 90 to 120 days for state to process Medicaid applications

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[MM Curator Summary]: Alaska may be pulling a Missouri.



Clipped from: https://www.wrangellsentinel.com/story/2023/01/11/news/average-wait-time-90-to-120-days-for-state-to-process-medicaid-applications/11310.html

Alaska has violated state and federal law by failing to process Medicaid applications in a timely manner, according to an Anchorage-based civil rights law firm that settled a class-action lawsuit in federal court with the state three years ago.

The Alaska Department of Health’s figures last week showed that there are 8,987 outstanding Medicaid recertifications and applications to be processed by the state Division of Public Assistance, which is contending with a major backlog in application processing that officials attributed to a staffing shortage and other issues.

“This number includ…