Worth the Read?: The Path Forward (UnitedHealth Group, September 2020)

This article is part of our whitepaper review series called Worth the Read?, where we boil down HHS industry whitepapers. We believe most whitepapers have little value beyond marketing the producer’s services, and we want to save you time in sorting through what is or isn’t Worth the Read.

Whitepaper Reviewed

UnitedHealth Group: The Path Forward to a Next-Generation Health System

A four-page quick read.

The Gist

Cynical view- A health insurer wants more people to have health insurance. Idealist view- A health insurer in a unique position to have broad impact is putting forth new ideas in advance of significant federal change under an incoming Biden administration.

Key Points

UHG breaks up its overall vision into 4 major objectives:

  1. Achieve universal coverage
  2. Improve health care affordability
  3. Enhance the healthcare experience
  4. Drive better health outcomes

Overall Assessment of Value – WORTH THE READ

Overall this whitepaper is strong on specifics across both Medicaid and exchange verticals. There is solid quantification of multiple pieces of their objectives. And to be honest its pretty interesting to have a behemoth the size of UHG telegraph this type of strategy.