Utah’s Medicaid fraud bill on hold after strong criticism | KUTV

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Utah is one of several states looking to reduce fraud in food stamps and related benefits programs, and Democrats oppose the effort.


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Spending hundreds of dollars to chase pennies: That’s what critics worry a new Medicaid fraud bill would lead to and all on the taxpayer’s dime.

It’s a measure one opponent goes as far as to call potentially catastrophic for Utah.

Lawmakers in support of the bill said Tuesday they want a process to investigate people who improperly receive state benefits.

This is something those in opposition argue is a very minor problem in Utah. Alliance for a Better Utah, a nonprofit, watchdog organization, said instead of pouring millions of dollars into searching for a needle in a haystack, we should address the real issue–the high rate of uninsured kids in the state.

The legislation would make an already lengthy Medicaid waiver application process even more involved, which neither the Trump nor Biden administrations have ever supported.

Dave Gessel, a representative with the Utah Hospitals Association, said they were not consulted and strongly oppose this bill.

Opponents said this would do little more than make it extra difficult for people in need to get help. The bill is on hold for now and not expected to go anywhere this legislative session.


Clipped from: https://kutv.com/news/local/utahs-medicaid-fraud-bill-on-hold-after-strong-criticism