Royal Blood- Royal Blood, 2014

Let’s work together today while we listen to the same album.

If you are like me, you need some motivation to go out for that post-Thanksgiving run. Or to complete an in-home workout quarantine style. Or shave.

This album is the motivation you need.

These guys flat out rock your ears off. I think its just 2 dudes, one of them with some sort of genius effect / pedal set up on his guitar so it can double as the main guitar and the bass. And the other dude on the drums.

I first came across these guys reading one of Tim Ferris’s (no relation other than the same convention used to make the possessives of our last names, and of course all letters of our last name except the E/A) books. He uses their song “Figure it Out” to break through writing blocks. I use this album to pump me up to do crazy things like run with a weighted vest. You could do that, or just put on an all-black outfit today and pretend you are in an action movie (we all need to do that sometimes), clicking that zippo to toss onto the gasoline you just poured on whatever cool thing you are about to blow up. Regardless, if I ever rob a bank this album will be in my headset fo sho.

Explicit lyrics warning. That’s ok- you need a little edge to kick all those extra turkey sandwiches’ s asses, anyway.

Be excited today, fellow humans. Or punch something. Whichever.