Menges Group 5 Slides Series – State-level COVID-19 Progression and Counties with the Highest Per Capita Rate of COVID-19 Cases

The Menges Group puts out these great analyses and insights each month. And is kind enough to let us repost them for the MM audience. Check out to learn more about the work they do. 

Today, we are conveying two editions. The first one identifies and ranks the 100 “hot spot” counties with the largest rate of confirmed cases per capita, and provides various statistical information on each of these. Collectively, while these 100 counties represent 10% of the USA population, they account for a majority of the nation’s confirmed cases (58%) and COVID-attributed deaths (64%). 

 The second edition tabulates state level information. One significant finding is that the rate of new confirmed cases per day continues to rise sharply – the daily average increase from April 2 to April 9 was 32,734, up 54% from the prior week’s average of 21,300.  The nearly 11,000 COVID-19 deaths that occurred this week are roughly twice the number of COVID deaths that occurred in all prior weeks combined.

100 Counties with Highest Per Capita Rate of COVID19 Cases of April 7

State Level COVID19 Tabulations as of April 9