Menges Group 5 Slides Series for June & August 2019

The Menges Group puts out these great analyses and insights each month. And is kind enough to let us repost them for the MM audience. Check out to learn more about the work they do. 

The June 2019 Edition was produced by Manisha Gupta and Mohammed Hamdan.  It focuses on the level of marketing spending in the MCO industry, comparing the Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial sectors.  On average, we found that Medicaid MCOs
used 0.19% of their revenues on marketing, advertising, and commissions.  These percentages were much higher among Medicare-dominant MCOs (2.26%) and commercial MCOs (3.43%).

The August 2019 edition was produced by Grace Williams and summarizes our analyses of NCQA’s most recent quality ratings for commercial/private MCOs.  Kaiser Permanente led the multi-state MCOs with a stellar 4.28 average rating, scoring
over half a point higher than the 2nd place MCO and scoring more than ¾  of a point higher than the national average.

MCO Marketing Spending Across Product Types–June 2019

August 2019 Private NCQA Ratings