Menges Group 5 Slides Series for July, August and September 2017

The Menges Group puts out these great analyses and insights each month. And is kind enough to let us repost them for the MM audience. Check out to learn more about the work they do. 

The July 2017 edition tabulates Medicare’s per capita costs in each state and U.S. territory, showing the level of cost variation that exists between jurisdictions.  These figures are from 2015 and represent costs in the fee-for-service setting for Part A and Part B services.  The August edition tabulates information from the Medicaid MCO financial statements we collect and compile, showing the overall profitability among plans whose revenue is primarily (and often entirely) obtained through serving Medicaid populations.  The September edition provides suggestions for making Medicaid managed care optimally effective.

August 2017 Medicaid MCO Financial Performance 2011-2016

July 2017 Medicare Per Capita Costs by State 2015

September 2017 Optimizing Medicaid Managed Care — Input from Musicians