Menges Group 5 Slides Series for Jan and Feb 2017

The Menges Group puts out these great analyses and insights each month. And is kind enough to let us repost them for the MM audience. Check out to learn more about the work they do. 

The January edition tabulates the distribution of Medicaid pharmacy costs by unit price cohort.  Explosive growth in the share of Medicaid prescriptions among drugs costing more than $1,000 per prescription (pre-rebate) continues to occur.  These drugs now represent 40% of all Medicaid pre-rebate prescription drug expenditures.

The February edition tabulates overall health care expenditures from 2006-2016, and shows the progression of Medicaid, Medicare, and private health spending.  A key observation from these tabulations is that health costs haven’t grown all that rapidly across the past decade – annual per capita cost increases have averaged 3.7% for the entire US population, 2.3% in Medicare, 3.2% in Medicaid, and 4.0% in the rest of the population.


Health Expenditures Progression 2006 – 2016 Feb. 2017


Price Per Script Categories Jan. 2017 (1)