Medicaid Who’s Who Interview: Brooke Boswell

Brooke Boswell is Chief Operations Officer, Special Populations at Shared Health (BCBST)

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1. Which segment of the industry are you currently involved?

Shared Health specializes in managed care solutions for the underserved, chronically ill and long-term services and supports populations (LTSS).  We utilize our 20+ years of managed care experience to help our partners better care for their members.  We offer a full range of services – anywhere from consulting and a la carte administrative support to full-service agreements. My particular area is Special Populations; more specifically LTSS. One of the exciting things within Shared Health is that we are entering the Medicare space (think D-SNP) so we will get to learn something completely new. We are also looking for the next opportunity…gotta make sure Rob Summitt earns his keep!

2. How many years have you been in the Medicaid industry?

I submitted my resume on a floppy disk. Ya know…I used to be one of the youngest people on whatever team I was in…now, well…not so much!  I have been in the Medicaid industry, in some form or fashion, for going on 18 years.

3. What is your focus/passion? (Industry related or not)

I had a 5th grade art teacher tell me one time, “Honey, we are here to serve.”  That has been a driving passion ever since. I want to help make people’s days brighter – whether that is helping someone get the services they need, creating a process change, or telling a joke to get someone to laugh.  Even though the Shared Health team has banned me from telling jokes…I sneak one in every now and then! We like to have fun over here @Shared Health.  We always have some kind of fun group text going…much to Tracy Purcell’s chagrin. She has threatened to change her number if we don’t take her off the group texts.

4. What is the top item on your “bucket list?”

I would absolutely LOVE to be a back-up singer on the Grand Ole Opry! I don’t want to be front and center or in the spotlight, I just want to wear all black, stand in the back, sing harmony, dance, and maybe shake a tambourine if the mood strikes!

5. What do you enjoy doing most with your personal time?

It’s hard to pick just one!  I enjoy going ‘home’ and spending time with my family. My parents live in Winchester, TN (Middle TN…close to the Jack Daniels Distillery – in fact, that was my 3rd Grade Field Trip).  It is so nice to get to the country and get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life. My favorite spot in the house is the front porch. We can sit there for hours swinging, rocking, reading, talking, or just hearing the sounds of country life. We also enjoy a good bonfire, riding or hiking in the woods, and watching Daddy shoot off his canon (think 20 foot long metal pipe, 1 foot in diameter, filled with acetylene from his welder, and then light it…it makes one heck of  BOOM!)  It is especially fun when my nephews are there!

6. Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

I would have to say Albert Einstein. In addition to our commonality of unruly hair, I admire his ability to take extremely complex concepts and break them down to where anyone can understand them. He had so many great quotes, but one of my favorites, and one that continues to encourage me as I seek to learn and truly understand is, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” 

7. What is your favorite junk food?

Does red wine count as a junk food?!?!  By the way, that was NOT me that got banned from Wal-Mart by riding around on an electric scooter drinking wine from a Pringles can…although, I did use the Pringles concept in college to sneak whiskey into the Kentucky Derby…I was obviously in the infield. In fact, I went to the Derby 4 years before I ever saw a horse!  Since wine isn’t classified as a food, I choose Pizza…with really thin crust, and ranch dressing for dipping!  I’m a dipper! Before you ask…Papa John’s, they know Ben Moran by name. In fact, they sent him a t-shirt that reads: “Who’s Your Papa?”. It hangs in his closet next to the one that reads “Hoosier Daddy”.

8. Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

Helping to implement Tennessee’s LTSS program for BCBST in 2010, and joining the Shared Health team in 2014 to help other Health Plans outside of Tennessee to develop, implement and operate their LTSS programs. In addition, being part of a “start-up” company that has been profitable since our inception 5 years ago…this definitely keeps our token bean counter, Will Aclin, happy.  I am blessed to be a part of the Shared Health team – I could not have hand-picked a better group of folks to work with! 

9. For what one thing do you wish you could get a mulligan?

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason…(and now I hear John Cole in my ear saying “Yeah, sometimes that reason is because you made a bad decision”). I feel like I am meant to be where I am at this point in my life, and if I had done things differently, I would likely be elsewhere. However; if I had to choose one, I would have gone to Nursing School. But, after cramming 4 years of undergrad into 7 years, I don’t think I have it in me!  For some reason, after watching Billy Madison, I don’t think school would be as ‘fun’ the second time around!

10. What are the top 1-3 issues that you think will be important in Medicaid during the next 6 months? 

Special Needs Plans (i.e., D-SNP, FIDE SNP, I-SNP) and their role in managing and/or coordinating with the LTSS Population

Increase in Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) Models

Innovative approaches to addressing Social Determinants of Health

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