Medicaid Industry Who’s Who: David Evans

Medicaid Who’s Who: David Evans – VP of State Government Programs with Geisinger Health Plan in PA

  1. What segment of the industry are you currently involved? 

A:  I currently am responsible for the 175,000 plus Medicaid members in the MCO where I work.  I am also responsible for approximately        10,000 CHIP members. 

  1. What is your current position and with what organization?

 AI am the VP of State Government Programs for the Geisinger Health Plan in Pennsylvania.

  1. How many years have you been in the Medicaid industry?

 A: Although I have been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years (half of which have been in managed care), I have only been involved in the Medicaid portion for the last 4 years.

  1. What is your focus/passion? (Industry related or not)

A: For most of my healthcare career I have been involved in quality and process improvement in one form or fashion.  That is why I jumped at the opportunity 4 years ago to move into the Medicaid industry, to take my quality experience into a new line-of-business for Geisinger Health Plan at the time.

  1. What is the top item on your “bucket list?”

ATo spend time in Alaska.  I love the outdoors and that would be the ultimate for me.

  1. What do you enjoy doing most with your personal time?

 A: Fly fishing. Nothing beats the quiet and solitude of standing in a trout stream fly fishing. 

  1. Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

 A: Abraham Lincoln.  Certainly regarded as possibly the best US President, Lincoln’s humane personality and democratic eloquence are what makes him stand out among all political figures. 

  1. What is your favorite junk food?

A: Pizza, although I don’t consider it a junk food.

  1. Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

A:  Starting to work with the Geisinger Health Plan at the infancy of NCQA Accreditation and HEDIS reporting and helping to build that program into one of the top 10 Commercial programs in US is an accomplishment I am very proud of.

     10. For what one thing do you wish you could get a mulligan?

A: In reality nothing.  I have certainly made some mistakes over my life and career, but I would rather learn from them and move on than attempt a do-over.

  1. What are the top 1-3 issues that you think will be important in Medicaid during the next 6 months? 

 A: Although there are a number of issues that are impacting Medicaid currently, for me personally, building a service oriented program for Managed Long Term Services and Supports will be the most important.  Pennsylvania is moving MLTSS into managed care and Geisinger Health Plan will be ready. 


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