Medicaid Acronym of the Day – QDWI

The Qualified Disabled Working Individual (QDWI) program is a state-administered program that pays Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) premiums for disabled people who have gone back to work. There are certain basic requirements you must meet to be eligible. You must:

be under the age of 65
be disabled
be ineligible for free Medicare Part A because your disability benefits were ceased due to working above the SGA limit
be ineligible for state medical assistance (Medicaid), and
meet the income and asset tests in your state.

QDWI pays your premiums for Part A, but it does not pay the Part A deductible or copayments or anything toward Part B. (If your income is very low (under 135% FPL) despite working, you could qualify for a Medicare Savings Program that pays some of these expenses.)

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