Medicaid Acronym of the Day – IDR

The Integrated Data Repository (IDR) is a high-volume data warehouse integrating Parts A, B, C, D, and DME claims, beneficiary and provider data sources, along with ancillary data such as contract information, risk scores, and many others. Access to this robust integrated data supports much needed analytics across CMS.

What benefits does IDR offer for business solutions?

Medical Trend & Utilization Analysis
Healthcare Cost & Assessment
Policy Analysis and Development
Provider Profiling & Management
Quality and Effectiveness: Pay for Performance
Program Integrity and Fraud, Waste & Abuse
Rapid response to legislative inquiries
Data available for claims-based program operational needs

The IDR offers even more than just integrated data:

State of the art business intelligence, reporting, and additional data access capabilities
Automated Finder File and Data Extract Process
Data dictionary, data limitations information, source to target mappings, etc.

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