Medicaid Acronym of the Day – FIDE SNP

Fully Integrated Dual Eligible (FIDE) SNPs were created by Congress in section 3205 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Designed to promote the full integration and coordination of Medicare and Medicare benefits for dual eligible beneficiaries by a single managed care organization, FIDE-SNPs are described in section 1853(a)(1)(B)(iv) of the Social Security Act and at 42 CFR §422.2.

FIDE SNPs must meet the following five elements:

  • Enroll special needs individuals entitled to medical assistance under a Medicaid State Plan, as defined in Section 1859(b)(6)(B)(ii) of the Act and 42 CFR Section 422.2 and described in detail in Section 40.5.3 of this chapter;
  • Provide dually-eligible beneficiaries access to Medicare and Medicaid benefits under a single managed care organization;
  • Have a CMS approved MIPPA compliant contract with a State Medicaid Agency that includes coverage of specified primary, acute, and long-term care benefits and services, consistent with State policy, under risk-based financing;
  • Coordinate the delivery of covered Medicare and Medicaid health and long-term care services, using aligned care management and specialty care network methods for high-risk beneficiaries; and,
  • Employ policies and procedures approved by CMS and the State to coordinate or integrate enrollment, member materials, communications, grievance and appeals, and quality improvement.

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