Latest Vendor Reviews and Insights in The Medicaid Black Book – March 2020

Latest vendors reviews include: 

  • Acumen Fiscal Agent
  • Avolution
  • Cambria Solutions
  • Corticon
  • Elyon Enterprise Strategies
  • Esystems, Inc
  • eviCore Healthcare
  • HealthEC
  • MarkLogic

Distribution of latest results

1 vendor achieved 5 out of 5 stars. 3 vendors were rated 3/5 stars, 4 vendors were rated 4/4 stars. 

 There are now more than 40 in-depth vendor reviews in The Medicaid Black Book, with new ones added each month. 

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Selected excerpts from latest strategic insights: 

 Industry thought leader interviews 

  • Aaron Lambert of Healthy Blue Louisiana gives his thoughts on the transformation of LA’s Medicaid program and provides insights on NEMT and administrative simplification. 
  • Bruce Crosby of Health Velocity Capital weighs in on the impact of politics on the investment outlook, provides details on CareBridge (LTSS space), and the need for deep domain expertise to succeed in Medicaid vertical investing. 


Industry trends analysis


  • MCO Financial Performance- The markets responded to the Wellcare-Centene deal. There was mixed EBITDA performance. 
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Investment Activity  – There was extensive plan activity (beyond Wellcare/Centene), especially for provider acquisition and small market buys. On the provider side, home health investment continued and a resurgence of hospice funding was observed. 


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