Erica Sahm

Advising Government and Technology Clients

Erica provides research and optimization for complex issues in the public health world. Her background in patient advocacy, medical sales, and clinical research inform her mindful and patient-centered approach. Erica is fueled by her passion to understand and provide better avenues for preventive care. She considers herself a ‘forever student’, eager to build on her academic foundations in biology and public health and stay current with the latest policies and healthcare programs through continued professional development.

She believes the most important tool we can use is past experience; therefore, companies and healthcare organizations should always be looking in the past to make a plan for the future. With Erica, you know the work will be autonomous when necessary, but without fail, always involves the greater goals of those she works with. You can count on her to look beyond what is immediately in sight.

Focus Areas
  • HHS technology (various)
  • Integrated care
  • Data analysis and systems
Other Affiliations
  • Glacier Healthcare Consulting (President)