Medicaid Buy-In: Episode#2- Interview with Adam Fox

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Adam FoxAdam is theDirector of Strategic Engagement at Colorado Consumer Health Initiative  . He advocates for better consumer access to healthcare in Colorado and has been featured as a thought leader on national news outlets such as CNN. In his role at CHHI he focuses on communication strategies, media engagement and driving the policy agenda in his state. 

Highlights from this episode

  • Background of the public option effort in CO, including the legislative path
  • Why its less feasible for CO to pursue a Medicaid buy-in path (the CO Taxpayer Bill of Rights)
  • Clarification of Colorado Public Option key details, including
    • premiums and subsidies on CO exchange under new option
    • increasing number of carriers operating in various counties
    • regulatory authority under the CO public option
    • benefit design and MLR
  • A better understanding of what is meant by the “public/private partnership” model
  • Why rate caps for hospitals are key to the plan
  • Key changes and systems needed to operate a public option plan
  • Importance of strong consumer outreach and enrollment functions
  • Effectively engaging legislators in the effort
  • Provider pushback on the price controls component
  • Plan response to the proposed model

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