Episode # 4- Interview with Mary Alice Hunt

Guest Bio

Mary Alice is the North American Solutions lead at IBM Watson Government Health and Human Services. She has spent nearly 20 years developing solutions for state clients that focus on integrated eligibility, care management and healthcare reform. Before her time at IBM, she taught information technology at the State University of Albany, led product development at Curam and helped to modernize New York State technology systems.

Highlights from Episode

  • How quickly technology is advancing and the impact that has on interoperability efforts
  • Multiple challenges in interoperability, such as
    • Challenges of integrating various types of data being integrated before we are even ready for it in the private sector, and in government world it lagging
    • challenge of different terminology for same information
    • challenges in matching patient records
    • how our patient identifiers change over our lifetime
  • A plain language explanation of APIs
  • Various topics around patient data access, including:
    • Providing patients with meaningful insights about their health using their data
    • Challenge of getting data to Medicaid members
    • Challenges in consent management
  • Importance of starting with the right data model when designing consent management functions
  • Key data governance and design insights, including
    • designing for exceptions
    • making sure data is shared but not propagated; using a central repository model
    • challenges of converting data from old system to new system
  • 360 degree views of patient data in an interoperable system