Clay’s Weekly Medicaid RoundUp: Week of January 9th, 2017

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WAIT A MINUTE- WHO’S SURPRISED AT THE CURRENT ACA REPEAL EFFORTS? It’s been hated by millions since day 1 (and loved by millions, especially on the left), the GOP has introduced 60+ repeal bills over the last 7 years – and now everyone is floored that one of the first things the Right does once it regains control is renew repeal efforts? The Senate took step 1 of a 10-step procedure to repeal ACA early Thursday morning. Here’s the best guide I have seen so far –


THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY STATE PUTS APPLICATION BACKLOG TO REST- AR brought in about 250 temp workers, but they got it done. Back in June there were 100,000 “pieces of paperwork” overdue, including 34,000 or so apps that were 45 days old. At year end (just a few weeks ago – weird), there were no overdue apps. Hey AR – can you send those temp workers over to KS?


SOONER STATE MCD NEEDS ANOTHER $200M TO KEEP THE LIGHTS ON- My crystal ball says they will get it. Just look at last year- when the overall OK budget was $1.3B short, OK Mcd got $1B (which was an increase over the previous year). You silly lawmakers need to just submit to the Mcd dominance of your budgets and move on.


MAGNOLIA STATE NEEDS ANOTHER $75M NEXT YEAR- Backers of the bump point to cuts in prior years, as well as a recent $58M cut in September that addressed lower-than-expected state revenues. It is interesting that the request for more money is happening when MS enrollment is decreasing.


KUDOS TO HPP ON THE KEYSTONE WIN- Health Plan Partners was awarded new membership  in PA this week. The award will expand the HPP PA footprint into 13 more counties, home to nearly 500,000 Mcd members. Congrats HPP!


THE COPPER STATE ANTI-EXPANSION LAWSUIT MOVES FORWARD- Its only been four years of spending money on the 300,000 new bennies, but the AZ Court of Appeals has scheduled the hearing challenging whether the way the Good Guvn’r Brewer unilaterally expanded was legal in the first place.



FARRIS’S FANTASTIC FRAUD FOLLIES– And now for everybody’s favorite paragraph. Let’s start the ticker and see who wins this week’s award.  Family Care Nursing (such a wholesome name!) of Meriden, CT settled this week for $5.3M related to billing for 60 day assessments knowing it was not an RN doing the work. Aretha Derrico was arrested for billing Mcd for $57,000 of home health services not provided in Havana, FL. Randy Crowell of Henderson, NV plead guilty to a $100M Rx reverse-diversion scheme last week. Mr. Henderson had an impressive range – from Utah to NY. How did he do it? He was a licensed wholesale rx distributor, of course. Still wondering what “reverse-diversion” means (I made that up, I think)? Instead of the pills going from legit sources to the black market, Mr. Henderson acquired pills in the black market and sold them to pharmacies. Sort of like money laundering, but with oxycontin. Although the specific hit to Mcd is not enumerated, I am more than impressed with this one. There are wonderful details like the use of lighter fluid to remove labels from bottles. Mr. Henderson – you win this week’s award! I would be interested in acquiring the movie rights to your story, when you get out of the slammer.



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