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MostlyMedicaid Completed a Medicaid Ideas Workshop with 25 Leaders from Government, Health Plan and Solution Providers

Overall summary of event

February 4, 2024

St. Petersburg Marriot, FloridaThe February 2024 Mostly Medicaid Ideas Workshop was a huge success, convening executives from multiple state HHS agencies, Medicaid plans, and solution providers.

Highlights from the Feb. 2024 MostlyMedicaid Ideas Workshop

MostlyMedicaid convened more than 2 dozen HHS leaders from across the country to facilitate a robust discussion on key trends and challenges in our Medicaid space. The workshop used a combination of national trends discussion and group surveys to create a “true public square.”

Kris Vilamaa and Clay Farris of MostlyMedicaid covered key national trends related to the state and federal policy landscape and technology in Medicaid. Surveys of the group touched on several key topics, including: The Medicaid / PHE unwinding in 2024, top state challenges, populations with the most need for support, Medicaid performance on quality measures, and coming state budget challenges.

According to Clay Farris, the discussion from these MM Ideas Workshop is a critical part of improving the Medicaid program: “I think the Ideas Workshop was a clear indication of the need I think the Ideas Workshop was a clear indication of the need to have a true dialogue on many things in our Medicaid industry. The level of engagement in these discussions is extremely high, and its amazing what gets surfaced when smart people are just given the floor to talk. Kris and I provide a limited structure to make sure its helpful, but beyond that the resulting ideas are truly sourced from the execs and thought leaders in the room.”

Following the group discussion, Workshop attendees were treated to a discussion of Medicaid LTSS from one of the most impactful leaders in our space- Carol Steckel. Carol shared insights from her career as a Medicaid director in multiple states, as well as experiences working with PACE programs.

Resolutions from the Workshop included:

1. Build a habit on our teams of envisioning an actual member during our policy and solution discussions within our organizations. Ask – “whats the impact,” and “how will they experience this?”

2. Work to identify un-necessary training or cert requirements that may be hidden burdens on the already-strained workforce.

3. Work to think of the service array / benefits for the same member populations as more consistent (instead of dependent on payer source). While we identified this as a moonshot, it was generally agreed as very important.


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Mostly Medicaid reaches thousands of Medicaid industry professionals, decision makers and influencers with its thought leadership publications and information sharing products. We also provide consulting, training and market intelligence services for HHS agencies, Medicaid plans, and solution providers working in the Medicaid industry. MostlyMedicaid offers a unique value in the Medicaid industry by focusing on data-driven business perspectives rather than policy-only or advocacy-only positions.

If you are an HHS agency, a Medicaid health plan, or a solution provider looking to grow your impact in the Medicaid space- We Can Help.


About the MostlyMedicaid Ideas Workshop


The MostlyMedicaid Ideas Workshop is a unique series of gatherings designed to create a “true public square.” The modern Medicaid industry has been over-run with vendors and consultants who are all saying the same things (that just so happen to align with their solutions). But there is a growing number of people in this space who want a space to talk more broadly, and across stakeholder groups. Thats why we created the one-of-a-kind MostlyMedicaid Ideas Workshop. Our unique ability to convene stakeholders from our 10,000-strong audience of Medicaid professionals allows us to fill this gap. The MM Ideas Workshops combine Medicaid SME with a passion for building dialogue. Attendees include C-Suite executives from HHS agencies, Medicaid health plans, and solution provider organizations. Participation is by invite-only and is kept anonymous.