3 Great New Analyses from Milliman

Our friends at Milliman have just released 3 new helpful analyses for the Medicaid space:

ACA Infographic- Showing how much individuals in each state benefit from exchange subsidies.  Its a pretty nifty graphic showing states in different heights based on enrollment. Also shows percentage of individuals receiving subsidies for each state, based on 2017 data. This infographic also touches on CSRs and average premiums. Its a lot of info packed into one map, and well worth the read.

ACA_CSRs Infographic-  This one gets into more specifics on the cost-sharing reduction payments you’ve seen in the news lately.

Reinsurance and High Risk Pools– This new discusses the following issues:

· Historical role of high risk pools in the pre-ACA market
· ACA’s transitional reinsurance program
· 1332 State Innovation Waivers and the development of state-run reinsurance programs
· Key considerations for high risk pools and reinsurance programs under pending healthcare reform legislation

I linked a copy above, and you can also find the original with more info on the authors here: http://us.milliman.com/insight/2017/Reinsurance-and-high-risk-pools-Past–present–and-future-role-in-the-individual-health-insurance-market/