What We Do

We drive an authentic, constructive conversation in the Medicaid Space

20 years as a the most trusted, candid source of in-depth trends and analysis in the Medicaid industry

There are long-standing challenges with the way the Medicaid Industry that don’t have to be challenges. Medicaid space is overcome with solution vendors coasting on buzzwords, initiatives that are well-intentioned but don’t improve member outcomes, and consultants that provide little actual value beyond revolving door connections. For 20 years we have been the only candid source of thought leadership addressing the hard topics in Medicaid. We have created a public square where it is ok to discussion these things, and that public square is full of our 10,000 member audience.

We offer best-in class advisory services that actually Get the Job Done

We offer best-in class advisory services that actually Get the Job Done

A relentless focus on solving problems and achieving objectives; managed through custom software we have developed for the HHS space

We use our best-in class Medicaid expertise and combine it with our proprietary project delivery model and software (MM_BandWidth) to ensure clients achieve their objectives. Check out the MM Family of Companies Below to Learn More

Helping Medicaid community plans with contract renewals, readiness and operational reviews, QM improvements, staff development and more. Visit wehelplans.com

Helping State, Local Federal, and Tribal HHS staff with Policy development, technology implementations, behavioral health transformations, and more. Visit healthcareperspective.com

Helping Solution Providers navigate the next steps in their approach to the HHS and Medicaid spaces. Visit Go2HHS.com to learn more.