Advisory Services

Q: Why do our clients choose our consulting services?  

A: Because No One Knows Medicaid Like We Do.

When you become a Mostly Medicaid consulting client, you tap into the deepest and broadest experience pool in the industry. Our consultants have led government agencies and private firms in the space. They have launched new programs and overhauled existing ones. And they are committed to bringing their experience, skills, insights and connections to our consulting relationship with you.

Typical Clients

Our clients come from all sections of the Medicaid industry. Please see below for more information about clients like you.

  • Medicaid solution providers
  • Health plans
  • government agencies
  • Investors


  • Technology firms (software, reporting, workflows)
  • Care management firms

Typical support

  • Market strategy
  • Sales assistance
  • Branding and content development
  • Executive learning and strategy workshops

About our consultants

Our consultants are selected based on their experience and their commitment to client satisfaction. Our typical consultant profile looks like this: 

  • 20 years or more experience in their area of expertise within the Medicaid industry
  • A known leader in their area of expertise (including publications and a track record of speaking engagements)
  • A history of successful project delivery and leadership


A consulting team with a ridiculous amount of experience, a passion for excellent work,
and insights you won't find anywhere else.

About our approach

We combine our unique Medicaid expertise with a rigorous project management approach:

  1. All engagements are driven by Key Objectives. This allows us to have clear goals and endpoints. 
  2. All project results are captured in deliverables customized for each client. 
  3. All project efforts are managed in our workflow management system, which makes things like status and client collaboration simple.