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Our unique approach to training gets you up to speed on complex topics quickly:

One of the benefits of our experience working and consulting in the Medicaid space is our ability to create and deliver Medicaid industry training that actually helps people "get" the key information they need to know to succeed. No more sitting through boring, overly technically (overly simplified) "training" sessions that are really just poorly done presentations. All of our training options are designed with the user experience in mind, including multiple ways to engage each learner. 

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Online self-study

At your own pace

Engaging and effective content. Counts for CEU/CPE in most programs. 

Online instructor-led

Mix learning at your own pace with the power of an instructor and a class

Onsite instructor-led

Train your team all at once in a group-live setting.

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Trying to learn what you need to know in the Medicaid industry can be overwhelming. Which is where we come in - our training courses are designed to get you up to speed quickly in the specific areas you need for your job. 

What Past Learners Are Saying:

Maggie K. Case Manager

"I've been working in the Medicaid space for more than 12 years, and this helped even me - a lot! Highly recommend it. 

Perry D. Business Analyst

"When my boss told me I needed to get up to speed on Medicaid, I thought she was crazy. After I took one of the online Mostly Medicaid courses, I felt a lot better about it. And then I took another, and another ... Now I am one of the most knowledgeable people in my company about Medicaid. Which is important, because Medicaid members now account for more than 30% of our membership."

Valerie J. Operations Team Lead

"I think what I like best is that Mostly Medicaid has so many options. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner in the space, an expert or just someone who needs to be smart about a very specific topic in the Medicaid space - they have a course for each of those types of people."

Will B. HR Manager

"A few of our team members tested out the MM training courses online and were hooked. We ended deciding to bring in the MM team to do a custom course, and we were blown away. I tell my management team that we saved ourselves 10 years of mistakes with that one 2-day onsite course we did. You won't find a more effective training provider than Mostly Medicaid."

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