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Tom Kaye (Senior Adviser, Pharmaceutical Solutions)

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Tom has provided innovative and dynamic leadership in pharmacy management for over 25 years using broad work experiences in State affiliated Medicaid, Medicare MA/PD/SNP programs. Other highlights from his experience include:

  • Graduate of the schools of pharmacy and master program in business at Southwestern Oklahoma state university and Oklahoma City school of business
  • Maintains licensees in pharmacy for the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Kentucky and Arkansas
  • Serves as strategic pharmacy consultant for several national and regional managed care plans with efforts to improve operations, efficiencies and patient outcomes by the deployment of technology, benefit structure, payer relations and data analytics.
  • Past assignments have been with national and regions payer plans, MCO’s and healthcare providers in various models including directorship of pharmacy departments.
  • Strategic consults of manufacturers
  • Regulatory compliance – State- Federal (Medicaid – Medicare)
  • Technology review/ assessment and emerging markets
  • 340b
  • Pharmacy pricing, costing and rebating
  • PBM (pharmacy benefit manager) details
  • Specialty pharmacy deployment
  • Pharmacy and health care benefits design
  • Provider incentives for improvement in plans quality achievements

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