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Menges Group 5 Slide Series: State-Level Analyses of COVID Cases and Deaths Over the Course of the Pandemic


This edition of our 5 Slide Series provides state level analyses of monthly new cases and deaths over the course of the pandemic. Nationally, new cases and deaths decreased in September as compared to August, but many states experienced their peak in September. The percentage of confirmed cases in the US represented just 2.2% of the entire population, and 2.9% of these cases resulted in death.

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Menges Group 5 Slide Series: New COVID Test, Case, and Death Dynamics, August 1 – 15 versus September 1 – 15

This edition of the 5 Slide Series tabulates new COVID tests, cases, and deaths per 100,000 population at a state level to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted September 1- 15 versus August 1 – 15. Nationally, trends have mostly moved in a favorable direction. During the first half of September relative to the first half of August, confirmed cases and deaths have decreased by more than 20%, and positive tests as a percent of all administered tests during each timeframe have decreased from 7.1% to 5.2%. However, several states have trended in an adverse direction and reported an increase in new cases, deaths, and positive tests September 1 – 15 versus August 1 – 15.

5 Slide Series_New COVID Tests, Cases, and Deaths_Sept 18

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Menges Group 5 Slide Series: Recent COVID-19 Death Rate Trends at State and County Levels

Today’s edition of the 5 Slide Series investigates recent COVID-19 death trends in the United States at both state and county levels. Nationally, the number of new COVID deaths decreased by 19% September 3 – 10 as compared to the previous week (August 27 – September 3). Despite this national decrease, five states (Hawaii, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana, and Tennessee) reported that more than 15% of their cumulative COVID deaths occurred during the past two weeks. We also identified counties with more than 100,000 residents that reported the largest per capita death rates as of September 10 and over the past week.

5 Slide Series_Assessment of Recent State COVID Deaths_Sept 14

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Menges Group 5 Slide Series: Monthly International COVID Death Rate Progression & State-Level New Cases and Deaths

This week’s edition compares the monthly progression of the COVID death rate in the United States to other countries that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. The United States currently ranks 9th highest regarding the COVID death rate per 100,000 population, and the USA’s rate is five times higher than the worldwide figure. Unlike any other country among the ten hardest-hit nations, new monthly COVID deaths in the USA increased from June to July and then increased further from July to August.
We also show monthly new COVID cases and deaths per 100,000 by state, presenting March through August and ranking the states on these statistical measures. 18 states experienced their highest number of new COVID deaths during August. Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas had the highest per capita death rates in August. Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey had the lowest per capita death rate in August.