Andy is an entrepreneurial product leader who uses data and a unique blend of technology experience, domain knowledge and leadership capabilities to drive rapid product innovation. He possesses a global mindset, exemplary organization/collaborative skills and the commercial experience to lead the transformation from an idea on a whiteboard into a product generating revenue.
Andy has a track record of creating and championing product vision/roadmaps and building the structure and discipline required to deliver upon them. He is able to leverage his extensive technical background to ensure that product and engineering work together in an integrated fashion
through product planning, construction, deployment and customer success.
Andy is customer facing, and eager to be the public face of the product supporting sales pursuits, industry events analysts and press briefings. He has a strong bias for action, is never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for continuous improvement in people, products and process.

Andy is noted for:-
* Motivational Leadership: Established Industry Solutions team and grew from a seed staff of 4 people into a high performing global unit of 130
* Product Innovation: Conceived, built and launched a portfolio of 11 new products over 4 years. Worked collaboratively with sales teams to sell to over 300 customers and delivery teams to ensure customer success
*Listening to Customers: Firm believer that the answer to what product/feature to build next lies outside of the building and the only way to get to the answer is through conversations with customers & partners
*Data Driven Execution: Always ensuring that the team understands the “why” behind “what” they are building and “how” they are going to understand and measure success. Champion of the approach “the business model is the product”
*Lifelong Learning: Driven by a strong curiosity about how the “art of the possible changes” with advances in technology.