Vendor Review for Medicaid Vendor Partner Readiness

  • Basic Info

Overall Assessment


Early stage SDH Solution vendor. Healthify develops a software that helps healthcare organizations to find community services and track the social determinants of people's health. Mixed Medicaid experience in C-Suite, but strong scoring on brand perception and clarity of value proposition. 

Relevant Leadership Experience

Points Possible: 212

Points Earned: 79.5

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Analyst Notes

Strong healthcare and Medicaid experience for CEO

Limited to moderate for most other roles


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Founder & CEO

Manik Bhat

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Alex Villa 

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Eric Conner

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Bobby Murphy

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Meredith Skibinski

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Product / Services

Eric Guroff

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Brand Perception

Points possible: 95

Points earned: 55

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Analyst Notes

No negative press or lawsuits identified

Healthy/stable culture based on internal reviews

Established Medicaid client base

High brand visibility 

Clarity of Value Proposition

Points possible: 60

Points earned: 60

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Analyst Notes

Clear problem-solution fit

Clear measurment approach

Medicaid-specific value proposition


Points possible: 50

Points earned: 31

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Analyst Notes

12% YOY staffing increase

Mid-management for operations and product rated as moderate experience with high tenure

Small annual revenue

Funding Model

Venture Capital (Series A in 2017 with $6.5M)

Significant increase trends in investment rounds; total funding @ $9.5M over 4 rounds

Major investors include: Primary Venture Partners, BCBS Venture Partners, Activate Venture Partners