hCentive, Inc.

Vendor Review for Medicaid Vendor Partner Readiness

  • Basic Info

Overall Assessment


Recent acquisition by Optum, but maintaining current independent branding. Most solutions are traditional exchange and enrollment broker-tech. Not able to identify key C-Suite roles. This may be because with staffing is split between Reston, VA and India. Many employees may be part time based on initial analysis. Mix of Medicaid experience on leadership team. 

Relevant Leadership Experience

Points Possible: 212

Points Earned: 56

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Analyst Notes

Moderate to extensive healthcare experience

Mixed Medicaid experience


President & CEO 

Lee Valenta

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Ritesh Dugar

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Manish Garg

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Chris Dellinger

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Ankur Verma

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Product / Services

Jennifer Hamaker

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Derrick Cobey

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Brand Perception

Points possible: 95

Points earned: 45

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Analyst Notes

No negative press or lawsuits identified

Healthy/stable internal culture based on reviews

No Medicaid client base

High brand visibility

Clarity of Value Proposition

Points possible: 60

Points earned: 40

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Analyst Notes

Clear problem-solution fit

General / non-unique messaging around SaaS

No customization to Medicaid program needs


Points possible: 50

Points earned: 36

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Analyst Notes

Extensive marketplace/exchange client base

Both operations and product teams rated as strong experience and tenure

Staffing trends decreasing but may be related to integration with Optum

Medium annual revenue for hCentive

Funding Model

Owned by Optum

Exited from previous PE model. Total of $35M had been raised before purchase.