Eccovia Solutions

Vendor Review for Medicaid Vendor Partner Readiness

  • Basic Info

Overall Assessment


Established case management solution provider attempting to pivot into Medicaid from other HHS experience. Strong healthcare experience but limited Medicaid experience. 

Relevant Leadership Experience

Points Possible: 212

Points Earned: 37.5

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Analyst Notes

Moderate to Extensive healthcare experience

Limited Medicaid experience


Chairman & CEO

Carl Champagne

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Paul Nestman

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Product / Services

Sandra Hoffman

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Sam Taylor

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Daniel O'Connor

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Scott Wood

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Brand Perception

Points possible: 95

Points earned: 85

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Analyst Notes

Some Medicaid client base (WPC pilots in CA)

High brand visibility

Internal culture unhealthy/unstable based on avg 2.7/5 on 60 Glassdoor reviews. Themes include concerns over upper management and high degree of turnover

Clarity of Value Proposition

Points possible: 60

Points earned: 40

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Analyst Notes

Clear problem-solution fit

Clear measurement approach

Use of buzzwords and overuse of SDH in solution messaging 

No clear customization to Medicaid programs


Points possible: 50

Points earned: 21

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Analyst Notes

Strong experience at mid-management for both ops and product, but low tenure (most at company 2 years or less)

Staffing trends are decreasing, with declines in key functions: product management, program management, sales and engineering

Funding Model

Private (assumed founder-owned)