At a Glance

  • Revenues increase; EBIDTA strong increase
  • Decreased trading volume end of quarter timed with shareholder approval of CNC deal
  • YOY premium revenues and enrollment both had strong increase

Rolling 12 months financials

Stock Performance

Earnings Call Summary

Latest available call date: 7/3/2019

  • 4.1M Medicaid members in Q2; 46% growth YOY.
  • Medicaid premium revenue grew 69% to $4.7B.
  • Most revenue growth was from acquisition of Meridien in 2018 and organic growth in FL and AZ.
  • Illinois business (Meridien) driving higher MLR. New quality and clinical efforts enterprise-wide also contributed to higher MLR.
  • Working to integrate the Aetna PDP they acquired last year, and will begin to offer it as an option in RFPs moving forward.